Noyze Volume Panel Replacement Apk

Noyze is a free volume panel replacement apk for Android Jelly Bean 4.3+, with themes, music controls, and much more (no root required).

Noyze – volume panel replacement

The highly customizable volume panel for modern Android.


Choose from a number of themes including Windows Phone, iPhone, MIUI, Paranoid Android, Blackberry, and more.

Settings > Look & Feel > Theme

Volume Actions

Launch a shortcut or control media playback with long-press actions.

Settings > Audio & Media > Long Press

Media First

Configure noyze to hide in fullscreen media apps like YouTube; take photos using the volume buttons.

Settings > Labs > Media Cloak

Master Volume

Control your device with a single volume: no confusion, no hassles.

Settings > Labs > Master Volume

Screen Shots

Noyze Apk Screen Shot Noyze Apk Screen Shot Noyze Apk Screen Shot









Why would I want a replacement volume panel?
The default Android volume panel isn’t just boring, its obtrusive. It gets in the way when watching videos on YouTube or Netflix, when playing games, or listening to music. It also lacks features other operating systems have, like media playback and quick access to sound settings.

Noyze interferes with the ability to take screenshots.
For security reasons, apps are not allowed to override or even interact with the power button. This means that holding power + volume down causes noyze to get stuck into thinking the volume button is still pressed. Settings > Advanced > Ignore long press is a workaround that makes sure noyze doesn’t interfere with taking screenshots.

Why don’t long press actions work when the screen is off?
Unfortunately, for security & performance reasons, Android does not allow apps to override the behavior of buttons while the screen is off. There is no known workaround at this time.

Where’s the “safe volume” popup when I’m using headphones?
At this time, apps do not have a way to interact with Android’s “safe volume” functionality. Moreover, this preference is reset every day (see Android Open Source Project Issue #40365). The only way to raise the volume above this limit is to toggle noyze and use the system volume panel.

Noyze doesn’t display music info or album art.
Android does not offer an official way for apps to interact with music. Media playback may not work on all devices or with all music apps. On Android 4.4 KitKat, please enable Settings > Labs > Remote Control, a service to improve media support.

Why does noyze need the permissions it does?
Individual permissions are discussed on Google Play. As for Accessibility and Notification Access, these are needed to control the volume buttons and to improve media playback, respectively. While this requires extra effort to activate noyze, this is for your own protection (you wouldn’t want apps taking control of buttons without your consent).

Noyze Download Button

→ Verified Safe to install.

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